Fee Schedule

Labour Arbitration Fees

1. For the first day (or any part thereof) of any rights arbitration or grievance mediation, including award
as required:

2. For the second day and subsequent days (or part thereof) of any rights arbitration or grievance meditation:
3. Interest arbitration (per day or part thereof): $4,500
4. Evening hearings after 5:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.: $2,000
5. Weekend hearing (per day or part thereof): $3,500
6. Telephone conference calls: $350/hour
7. Executive sessions (per half day or part thereof): $1,500
8. Cancellation fees (in addition to disbursements incurred):  
    a. Where notice of cancellation is given fewer than 30
      and more than14 days prior to hearing:

    b. Cancellation of first hearing date set for s.49

    c. Otherwise, where less than 15 days’ notice of
      cancellation is given:



Mediation Fees in Other Matters

1. For a mediation of up to three hours: $2,000
2. Time in excess of the scheduled three hours for
the mediation and preparation time in excess of
one hour for each party:


3. Cancellation fees (in addition to disbursements incurred):  
    a. Where less than seven days notice of cancellation
      is given:

    b. Where less than 24 hours notice of cancellation is



  1. All actual expenses and disbursements related to the arbitration or mediation proceeding will be charged as incurred.  Travel by automobile where appropriate will be subject to mileage charges of $0.40 per kilometer for an attendance more than 75 kilometers from my residence.
  2. No cancellation fees will apply if another matter is scheduled for adjudication or mediation on the cancelled date, and that matter proceeds before Derek L. Rogers on that date; however, disbursements associated with the cancelled matter will be the responsibility of the parties to the extent those are not fully absorbed by the substituted matter.
  3. Fees and expenses will be divided equally between and are payable by the parties unless otherwise determined or agreed.  Fees are subject to GST or HST as applicable, and all accounts are payable upon receipt.
  4. I agree to be bound by the fee mediation/arbitration service of the Ontario Labour-Management Arbitrators’ Association in the event of any unresolved complaint with respect to any account rendered by me.
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